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TCS Instrumentation Interview Questions
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How is SmartPlant Instrumentation related to INtools?

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describe yourself?

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sir,would you please send me the Hindustan petroleum corporation limited papers(HPCL).my e-mail ID is


Lists Different types of Tappings.

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why 4 to 20 ma ,why not 0 to 20 or 3 to 15 or anything

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what is the difference between RS 232,RS 485,RS 422, how they different from each other

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what is difference between OP AMP and differential amplifier?

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What is the difference between pneumatic and electro pnematic positioner?

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can u plz send me technical questions asked in SCHNEIDER ELECTRICAL technical paper?


My friend has faced this question! I don't know clearly. So please anyone give me the correct and short answer to this question? What is variable frequency drive? Types, what is star to delta? Why this arrangement necessary?

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Explain about signal isolator

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what is Instrumentation?

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TCS Instrumentation Interview Questions

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