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TCS Oracle Errors Interview Questions
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DGM-16904: Unable to set attribute

1 2119

ORA-00472: PMON process terminated with error

1 4243

ORA-01536: space quota exceeded for tablespace 'string'

3 7027

ORA-04079: invalid trigger specification

1 11024

ORA-32317: cannot run a job from a job

1 3523

ORA-01025: UPI parameter out of range

1 2977

LRM-00121: 'string' is not an allowable value for 'string'

1 9621

PLS-00908: The stored format of string is not supported by this release

1 4269

RMAN-06014: command not implemented yet: string

1 6727

RMAN-07508: cataloging done

2 3871

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TCS Oracle Errors Interview Questions

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