What do you expect of others in a team environment?

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Answer / rcp

sharing knowledge & valuing the others opinion.

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Answer / naren

They must be Co-Operative

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Answer / asmita

Even if mindsets and wavelenghth of ppl in a team
vary..still...that minimum amount of understanding is
necessary for sustaning a team.there shud b cooperation,
collaboration and the achivement of goal shud be everybdys
utmost priority above all.

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Answer / sdd


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Answer / kk

Understanding and Knowledgeable

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Answer / gaurav

passionate like me towards their work

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Answer / ebinezar rathnam. s

There should be good rapport among the team members.They
should voice out their feelings.Everyone should posses
leadership qualities.Capable of taking decisions.

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Answer / yogesh joshi

all r motivators and comitted to their job like me.

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Answer / kk

Gathering New Information

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Answer / mnckishore

Good questions and answers regarding the issues

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