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TCS Unix Commands Interview Questions
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What command is used to replace the existing string with some other?

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How to get the operating system's information in unix?

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distinguish between physical addresses and logical address?

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What is the difference between pipe (|) and tee command in unix

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how many types of file in unix?

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What is the difference between Shell Programming and Shell scripting?

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can we use cat command as an editor ..???

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how many internal commands is there in UNIX?

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if we create a file, in that 10 rows(means 1,2,....9,10 like). i want 7 row exactly, which command use in unix? plz send this question.

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Hi All, Can you please let me know how to grep for a particular pattern in unix. I want to print the dates from the file exp.txt. the date pattern is DD:MM:YYYY, I just want to print all the dates from the file exp.txt.

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How to install scsi driver in unix? give me explanation clearly?

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Sorry to all Technical person for mistake of Question. Now i am post currect question Why copied file permission is changed in destination. When i give all permission i.e 777 to file and copy that to other location in destination the permission is 755. But if give permission 555 in destination that file permission is 555 and if give permission 444 to file after copy in destination the file permission is 444. These all are happening in normal user. How the umask value is calculate here really i am not understand. Please write the proper answer. Thanks in Advance

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29. How to display top 10 users Who | head -10 | wc –w

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How to check whether some services are running in another server or not? Suppose i am currently in a server named A.I want to check whether some services are running in server B without logging into the server B.

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What is the difference between udp and tcp?

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TCS Unix Commands Interview Questions

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