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TCS JDBC Interview Questions
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Can we use the one instance of Statment to execute more than one query ?

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What is 2-tier and 3-tier architecture?

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Under what circumstances, that all four drivers are used?


What is JDBC and ODBC and what are the differences between them?

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How many types of JDBC drivers are there and what are they?

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what does the method Class.forName returns?

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what are design patterns?

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What is the use of prepared statement?Ans:used to execute pre compiled the question is when that precompiled statement will be execute or comiple?................

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which scenarios we go for jdbc,and which scenario we go for connection polling and wat r advantages and disadvantages using connection pooling.

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Give me some example for getting connection from connection pooling in JBoss Server. Is Connection Pool default in Server or we have to create it? Who can create Connection Pool in a Team. How it will be accessed by the developer code?

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why we don't use the type 2 driver for connect to the database in jdbc?

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TCS JDBC Interview Questions

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