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TCS SQL Server Interview Questions
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Is it possible to delete duplicate rows in a table without using a temporary table ?

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What is better - 2nd Normal form or 3rd normal form? Why?

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Which virtual table does a trigger use?

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Which command displays the SQL command in the SQL buffer, and then executes it?

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Difference between writing SQL query and stored procedure ?

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How do you implement one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to- many relationships while designing tables?

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What are defaults? Is there a column to which a default can't be bound?

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What is a transaction and what are ACID properties?

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What is the system function to get the current user's user id?

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What are the differences between stored procedure and functions in SQL Server 2000?

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Can anybody explain me cold backup and hot backup?

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what is Data Transformation Services (DTS) ?can u explain me in detail?

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wht is normalization?can u explain me in detail?

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What are the all different types of Joins in SQL Server 2000, Anybody can explain each join with definition..Thanks in advance....

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write the query for find the top 2 highest salary in sql server

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TCS SQL Server Interview Questions

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