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TCS SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Interview Questions
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can anyone plz explain the document pricing procedure & customer pricing procedure

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Hi Friends, Recently i was asked this question in a CRM Interview: 'What is the business process you followed? '. Can anyone help me in finding an answer to this question. Plz mail me at Thanks & Regards.

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How to keep a count on how many customers has gone through the mail, we have floated while doing email campaign in SAP CRM.

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When I am creating the pricing conditions in I am getting error that sales organisation code does not exist. How to get it corrected?

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7)what are the different sources through which BP enters into the CRM system?

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how to send Emails Target (customers) in Email Compaign promotion? pls send to my eamil id some intervivw questions

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What is partner function? How will you do determination? Why we use?

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What are the sources for partner functions?

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What is the procedure to do text determination? Tell the process?


How many methods/profiles in Org determination? Can you do org det at item level?

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What as Action? Why we use? What are the conditions we have? What type of actions you have used, for which scenario explain?

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Tell me some transaction types? How many Levels are there in transactions?

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What is activity? Types, customizing settings? How will you change the reasons according to the status?


Campaign mgt wt you know? Wt are the settings will you do?


How will you execute campaign? Where you have used campaign explain?


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TCS SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Interview Questions

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