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TCS JCL Interview Questions
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When should DISP=MOD is used?

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Definition of COND parameter in JCL

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Why do you want to specify the REGION parameter in a JCL step?

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What does the TIME parameter signify ? What does TIME=1440 mean ?

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What is the difference between IEBGENER, IEBCOPY and REPRO in IDCAMS utility?

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What is a COND parameter in JCL?

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Write a jcl to execute a job by 7 a.m on Jan 20,1986 ?

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What all are the changes to be made in JCL so as to do testing?

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What is maximum length of block size?

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If there are five steps in a JCL i have to execute the 3rd step, bypass the 4th step and execute the 5th step how do i do this?

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Given a input file with duplicates how to remove the duplicate records from the file using JCL?

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what are the symbolic parameters? why do we use symbolic parameters ?

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I have a JCL which 20 steps. How do I execute 17 th step alone (It should execute only 17ths tep.and it should not execute 18,19,20 steps??

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In one of intervie, my interviwer asked, I have a file which contains 4 records I would like to split the 4 different outputs for each record how to do?

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with out sorting how to copy records from one file to another file using jcl.Mean I have one input file in which the record are like 1,6,5,4,2,3(for example) and i want to copy to output file from top to bottom(without sorting) like 3,2,4,5,6, I want the JCL for this.cna any one can answers?

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TCS JCL Interview Questions

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