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TCS C Sharp Interview Questions
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What is value type and reference type?

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Where does the dispose method lie and how can it be used to clean up resources?

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Difference between C++ and

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Can an Assembly have multiple versions

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what is a delegate? what it is used for?

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Indexers in c#?

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Any exceptions are there which are not caught by any catch blocks? what are they?

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Can we have the method in drived class with the same name which is there in base class?

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Explain About the Sattilite Assembly in .Net Technology?

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What is the name of the implicit input parameter of a set accessor for any property?

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Hi to all..I have to create an intranet application on C#.NET windows Application so please please let can you people help me as iam new in .NET and if u have any samples or website address from where i can get sample please let know.


Is there any way to access private memebers of an object from another object?

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What are properties and indexer?

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how to implement singelton in C# & its uses?

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What are the access allowed for compilation units(namespace),class and structs and what are its default access?

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TCS C Sharp Interview Questions

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