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TCS CICS Interview Questions
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What is the CICS command that gives the length of TWA area?

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What is the MASSINSERT option?

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In which CICS table would you specify the length of the TASK WORK AREA (TWA)?

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What is the difference between EXEC CICS HANDLE CONDTION and an EXEC CICS IGNORE command?

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How do you fire a batch job from a CICS transaction ?

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The DFHCOMMAREA is used to pass information from one application to another. What are some other ways

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how to code the following map using occours clause? all the three fields have different length. ename eno addr 1) _______ _________ __________ 2) _______ _________ __________ 3) _______ _________ __________ 4) _______ _________ __________ 5) _______ _________ __________ 6) _______ _________ __________

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What is data only and map only in cics

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how can we display negative sign in a map?

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what we will give in the ATI after reaching the trigger level eaither transation or program. EXEC CICS TRANSID() TERMID() TRIGGERLVL() what we have to code eaither TRANSATION OR PROGRAM

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can anyone tell me about paginglogic in CICS,Please?

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TCS CICS Interview Questions

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