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TCS VB.NET Interview Questions
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What is the DIfference between Friend and Protected Friend?

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What is shadowing?

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What is the Difference between Overriding and overloading?

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what are the advantage in and different between vb and

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Disadvantages of vb ?

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how to restore database using

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How to create Crystal Report in with coding

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Write program in VB.Net with SQL Server and Crystal Reports to develop a small windows application to add,edit,save, search and print Employee Information and send sourcecode as zip file. empcode : .............. empname : .............. dateofjoin : dd/mm/yyyy dateofbirth : dd/mm/yyyy TableName: EmpMaster EmpCode EmpName DOB DOJ TableName: EmpDocs EmpCode DocNo DocName ExpDate


what is

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TCS VB.NET Interview Questions

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