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TCS Certifications AllOther Interview Questions
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i would like to learn free fluent english by online is this possible? could you gime some usefull websites to my mail id


I want to do QTP Mercury Certification, give me an idea and the where can i register for that?


Can anyone of u pls suggest some good bit easy certification for QTP if any material found pls mail to


Can anyone of u pls suggest some good bit easy certification for QTP if any material found pls mail to


Hi , I am planning to take the QTP 9.2 certification exam.........Anybody has any reading material for this exam???Can anyone share the question dumps of this exam with me...Please help

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I am beginner in Mainframe, so Pls tel me how to crack IBM DB2 certification exam and where will get more information.


I have cleared Informatica certification Designer. if anybody need dumps, can contact at


I urgently need certification dumps for latest exam code C9530-416 IBM DataPower Gateway V7.1. Anyone has any idea from where can I get it urgently.. Please help

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TCS Certifications AllOther Interview Questions

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