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TCS GATE Interview Questions
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1, 2, 6, 21, 88, __?

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I am searching for gate paper and solution of 2003 and 2008 if u have any material related to it plz give me link so i can download it?my email add is

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how the use of power factor correction will rsult in monthly tariff saving?

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Discussion Topic: “Statutory Defintions” Discussion Questions: Q1 Is it correct that a loan or an advance by a private limited company to a shareholder of the company is considered as payment of dividend? Explain your views. Q2 Will a loan or advance by a private limited company to its holding company be considered as payment of dividend if the subsidiary possesses sufficient amount of accumulated profits?


A can have a piece of work done in 8 days,B can ork three times faster than A,C can work five times faster than many days will they take to do the work together?

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Which of the following is true regarding trunked links?

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For the FIFA world cup, Paul the octopus has been predicting the winner of each match with amazing success. It is rumored that in a match between 2 teams A and B, Paul picks A with the same probability as A’s chances of winning. Let’s assume such rumors to be true and that in a match between Ghana and Bolivia, Ghana the stronger team has a probability of 2/3 of winning the game. What is the probability that Paul will correctly pick the winner of the Ghana-Bolivia game?

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TCS GATE Interview Questions

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