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TCS Struts Interview Questions
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Difference between JSF Framework and Struts Framework.

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How many types of action clases are there in stuts and their uses?

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who will run the execute method in struts?

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its a ActionForm controller or model?

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advantages& 5 disadvantages of MVC architecture

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What is the difference between RequestProcessor and RequestDispatcher?

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what is a RequestProcessor?

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what is diffrence between Dynaactionform,actionform and Dynavalidateform

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Even though Servlets and JSP are web based concepts .wht is the use of using Struts using then

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i have 500 jsps in my application,and i have same forward name for each jsp,so it lokks in strutsconfig.xml,from 1 to 500,but i want send 498 page directly,how can i cingigure my application

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how can u handle run time exceptions in struts and jsp plz explain briefly not single word answer?

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explain the struts-configuration file?

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How to explain struts work flow

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If we close the browser,when the specific user session is active.Again if we open browse how to retrive it same user??what code i have to da???

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TCS Struts Interview Questions

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