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TCS QTP Interview Questions
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Tell me few important difference Between QTP and WinRunner?

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In 1st screen,if v enter a/c no. in one field, the information of the subscriber will be displayed. The details should be displayed only in screen 3(NOTE:details should not display in screen 2).How can v do using QTP.

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what is qtp automation frame work,what is the use of that frame work?

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Can anybody give the script of below things. 1. Add sheet 2. Adding columns 3. Set the values in that columns(In the rows) 4. Close the sheet 5. How can we create 3 sheets in one Excel sheet??

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Explain QTP Testing process ?

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How u connect bugzilla with QTP

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How to get the column count and column name from the resultset in the database connection program?

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how do you configure QTP AND Test director?

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what is the use of VIRTUAL OBJECTS? explain ?

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Is it possible to run QTP scripts created in IE 6.0 in IE 7.0?

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How can we export test results to an excel sheet in QTP??? Can any one provide sample coding for this?????

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how u conduct GUI testing and PERFORMANCE testing on MS- WORD? and What r the GUI Test Cases and performance Test Cases?

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w is configaration management

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w is descriptive programming

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what ar the challenges do we face while testing webbased applications using the automation tool qtp or any?

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TCS QTP Interview Questions

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