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TCS JavaScript Interview Questions
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We are facing problem with the compatibilty of IE 7 and IE 6.We are calling a showModal window that is working fine in IE6 but with IE7 it opens a new Window and Data is not getting poputaled.In some pages it Gives an error "The webpage you are viewing is trying to Close the window.Do you want to close this window".

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What is the use of a form in html page? Is there any way to submit the page without using the form.

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where we use javascript and for which purpose we use javascript how?

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disbable back option by java script

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How to port a GUI application onto Web


Write a javascript program to make a simple calculator

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What is the Difference between HTML and DHTML

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About document.getElementID? Explain giving one example. This was asked by a interviewer when i said that i know some JavaScript.

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Can i create an login account with javascript ,without using database ?

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What is the difference between programing language and scripting language.?

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How to include the HTML tag inside the javascript tags?

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How can we establish connection with java and sql server?


why we calld java object orinted programming language??


how to run the servlet in tomcat


what is function of stdio.h


Post New TCS JavaScript Interview Questions

TCS JavaScript Interview Questions

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