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TCS C Interview Questions
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What are Storage Classes in C ?

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what is a far pointer

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What is the output of the program given below #include main() { char i=0; for(;i>=0;i++) ; printf("%d\n",i); }

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What is the difference between char a[] = "string"; and char *p = "string"; ?

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What is the real difference between arrays and pointers?

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long int size a) 4 bytes b) 2 bytes c) compiler dependent d) 8 bytes

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x=2,y=6,z=6 x=y==z; printf(%d",x)

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Unsigned char c; for ( c=0;c!=256;c++2) printf("%d",c); No. of times the loop is executed ?

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write a C code to reverse a string using a recursive function, without swapping or using an extra memory.

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C program code int zap(int n) { if(n<=1)then zap=1; else zap=zap(n-3)+zap(n-1); } then the call zap(6) gives the values of zap [a] 8 [b] 9 [c] 6 [d] 12 [e] 15

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The C language terminator is a.semicolon b.colon c.period d.exclamation mark

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What is false about the following A compound statement is a.A set of simple statments b.Demarcated on either side by curly brackets c.Can be used in place of simple statement d.A C function is not a compound statement.

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What is true about the following C Functions a.Need not return any value b.Should always return an integer c.Should always return a float d.Should always return more than one value.

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Main must be written as a.the first function in the program b.Second function in the program c.Last function in the program d.any where in the program

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Which of the following about automatic variables within a function is correct ? a.its type must be declared before using the variable b.they are local c.they are not initialised to zero d.they are global.

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TCS C Interview Questions

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