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TCS Electronics Communications Interview Questions
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what is the difference between the voltage of 5 volts capacitor and and 5 volts battery?

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what is bal

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What are Drift and Diffusion currents?

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how many flip flops you require for modulo 19 counter

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serial to parellel conversion is done by :

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i want to know about EPBX system in detail

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Realize a RS flip flop using a JK flip flop.

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what is caskading in networking.and how it implement ?

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what is the expansion of DSP?

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What is the basic difference between Latches and Flip flops?

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How can you convert an JK Flip-flop to a D Flip-flop?

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What is the need of filtering ideal response of filters and actual response of filters?

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What is the need for modulation?

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Which type of modulation is used in TV transmission?

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What do you mean by 3 dB cutoff frequency? Why is it 3 dB, not 1 dB?

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TCS Electronics Communications Interview Questions

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