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TCS Accounting General Interview Questions
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Suppose a person is paid @ Rs.1 Lac Per Month for 2 months by the Owner/Director prior to the Company's incorporation for Managerial work and that person continues to work with the Company . Is the Director liable to deduct TDS on his Employee's Salary before incorporation also? And when the Company is incorporated after 2 months, Is it possible to show this expenses as Pre-incorporation Expenses?.What would be treatment for Salary Paid and TDS Deducted when the Company is incorporated? How will we give TDS Certificate to the Employee at the end of the Financial Year?

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On monday my interview in TCS as an general accounts executive some one tell me about there process its realy urgnet for me how may process of interview i want to passout for selection and which type of question i will face at the time of intervew its urgnet for me please guide me for succuessful interview its realy needful for me my question is any one having aptitude test paper sample

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what will be the entry for recivables at 31 st march and if they are paid after 1 month then what is the entry

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a buyer,purchases a for rs100, b for rs80, c for rs60 and mixed in ratio of 3:4:5 and sells @ 50% profit what wil be d price?

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how to pass the opening stock entry & closing Stock entry in Tally ?

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Sums on Finalization of Accounts give exaple?

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What are the different accounting entries generated in PP cycle.

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where will lostv appear in balance sheet?

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what is the golden rules of accounting

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what is mean by portfolio Management?

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What is mean by Amortization?

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What is mean by deffered revenue expenditure?

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What is mean by capital gain

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what ia mean by tally?

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how to upload ledgers in excel or word document


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TCS Accounting General Interview Questions

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