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TCS Shell Script Interview Questions
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Script S1 (which copies .dat files from one directory1 to another directory2) run continuously. Write Script S2 which kills S1 first, compresses all .dat files in directory1 and directory2 successfully, re-run Script S1 and stops self i.e. S2.

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what do u mean by $#,$* in unix programming?

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Write a shell script to looking at the log file to see if the test has passed or not

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How to sort a result of Ls -l command based on columns. Ex. i want to sort 5th column from output of ls -l command.

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Set up a Sev 2 alert when the Primary WA service fails. A windows batch script needs to be created that will monitor the WA service on the Primary and when the service stops/fails a Sev 2 TT is generated for a particular team ?


How will you schedule a job that will run every month last day?(some months have 30 days,some 31 days,28,29 days)

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TCS Shell Script Interview Questions

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