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TCS WebMethods Interview Questions
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What Is Data Validation?

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How to Create an ACL?

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What is scope?

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what is the difference between a loop and a repeat?

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How to store logs in DB?

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what is difference between groups and ACL groups

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Which value have to set for EnableAudit log while package replication?

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can any one please post Q and Ans for Trading Networks in webMethods


why are you deploying the war (or) ear file?

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different b/t war,ear,jar files?

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what kind of error will be occurred if u did not mention from to the exit flow step

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territories in webmethods

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i am having a csv file and it is passed to the tokenize and is passed to the three different fields without setting the indices property. my question is to which variable which value goes or all the tokenized fields tobe passed? for eg:santosh.giridhar_satish_satish.csv-->tokenize what will happen

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Difference between Trigger disable and trigger suspend?trigger queue location ?

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in which scenario we will use no tx,in which scenarion we use local tx?

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TCS WebMethods Interview Questions

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