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TCS SAP Security Interview Questions
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what is temp role and copy role ?

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What is difference bewteen 4.7 ,ECC 5 and ECC6 from SAP Securtiy point of view

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what is the significance of parameter id and user group?

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what is transaction variant?

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what are ticketing tools?

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whats the meaning of relocation in transport request ?

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Tables so far used?

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1)What does the Profile Generator do? 2)What is the main purpose of Parameters, Groups & Personalization tabs 3)in SU01? purpose of Miniapps in PFCG? 4)What happens to change documents when they are transported to the production system? 5)what are the issues you faced with UME? 6)what is the Ticketing tool that you are using in your organisation?and explain? 7)what do you know abt LSMW? 8)Difference b/w su22 and su24 ? 9)what is the landscape of GRC? 10)What is the difference between Template role & Derive role?

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1) Explain me about your SAP Career? 2) Tell me your daily monitoring jobs and most of them you worked on? 3) which version of SAP are you working on? Is it a java stack or abap stack? 4) Tell me about derived role? 5) what is the main difference between single role and a derived role 6) Does s_tabu_dis org level values in a master role gets reflected in the child role?? 7) Tell me the steps to configure CUA? 8) Is RAR a java stack or Abap Stack? 9) What is the report which states the critical T-codes? and also What is the T-code? 10) What is the T-code to get into RAR from R/3? 11) Explain about SPM?

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How to clean the data (users, roles, etc..) from GRC 5.3?

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1 How many tickets usually get per day/month in support ? 2 what is the major ticket in your experience ? 3 what is the tool you are using in your company? 4 in situation we will use Derive roles in support project? 5 One User asked me the TCODE access in support project,he got approvals from all,so shal i create new role or can i add that TCODE in his roles? 6 what is ROLE OWNER? 7 What are the daily activities in your Project ?

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Can you please let me know the GRC 10 landscape, is it 2 system landscape like GRC 5.3 or 3 system landscape. As GRC 10 is ABAP Stack

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which ticketing tool is used in your company?Explain ticketig process?

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How to restrict a newly created program ?

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Give one example of master data that is shared between AC, PC and RM? (grc 10)

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TCS SAP Security Interview Questions

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