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TCS Load Runner Interview Questions
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Explain all the web recording options? What is the difference between Overlay graph and Correlate graph?

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what is the difference between the HTML and URL based recording in load Runner?

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i am looking software testing job in Loadrunner?Plz any one help me a Project ? mail me i thank full to u.(chandana)

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What r the rules to apply to select correlated values in project?(Chandana)

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What is ment by Module level testing ? (Chandana)

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what is runtime quote, how many types


What is the difference between overlay graph and corelated graph?(Chandana)

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ingenaral realtime prjoects how much load and bottile neck will take part in a project?(Chandana)

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In Loadrunner Raw data cab exported into CSV file formate hear CSV means?(Chandana)

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How to increase the performance of an application?real timers plz(Chandana)

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Types of frameworks which is fallowd in Loadrunner ? real timers plz(Chandana)

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can we run the script using mozila or netscape, recorded using internet explorer ?

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Script is working fine in Vgen.. but while running in Controller a error is throwing as "Action.c(59):Error-27995:Requested link(Text=My account") not found" I searched and it is pointing "web_link(...)" line. Plz help me regarding this.. if any.. Thanks

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what do you mean by 90 percentile in the Lr report

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How did you find database related issues?

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TCS Load Runner Interview Questions

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