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TCS DB Administration Interview Questions
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Explain the difference between a hot backup and a cold backup and the benefits associated with each?

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How do you switch from an init.ora file to a spfile?

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What would you use to improve performance on an insert statement that places millions of rows into that table?

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mssqlserver 2005 Backup Advantages & Disadvantages? mssqlserver 2005 Restore Advantages & Disadvantages? mssqlserver 2005 Recovery mode Advantages & Disadvantages? mssqlserver 2005 Mirroring Advantages & Disadvantages? mssqlserver 2005 Replication Advantages & Disadvantages? mssqlserver 2005 Logshpping Advantages & Disadvantages? mssqlserver 2005 Job Advantages & Disadvantages?

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i need a brief information about db2 dba course and realtime experts if any plz inform me plzzz urgent

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the process of adding a cpu in sql server is called..?

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A lady is trying to pick gloves and hats from her wardrobe in the dark. She has 22 white and 33 green ones. She wants to pick a pair of gloves of white and green. How many tries before she gets it right?

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Query processing is slow(eg select query)how will u solve that

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how to copy(migrate) the database one server to another server without using expdp/impdp how it is possible.

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any body know about orawaves do they really provide placements in their unique placement program

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TCS DB Administration Interview Questions

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