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TCS COBOL Interview Questions
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why occurs clause not mentioned in 01 level

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How is sign stored in Packed Decimal fields and Zoned Decimal fields?

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How many sections are there in data division?.

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If you were passing a table via linkage, which is preferable - a subscript or an index?

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What is level 66 used for ?

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How do you sort in a COBOL program? Give sort file definition, sort statement syntax and meaning.

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Why occurs can not be used in 01 level ?

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What is the difference between static call & Dynamic call?

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What is the difference between a subscript and an index in a table definition?

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In EBCDIC, how would the number 1234 be stored?

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consider the following piece of code 01 GROSS-PAY 05 BASIC-PAY PIC 9(5) 05 ALLOWENCES PIC 9(3) if BASIC-PAY has a value 1000 and ALLOWENCES has a value of 250,what will be displayed by the statement DISPLAY GROSS-PAY a.1250 b.01000250 c.01250 d.1.250

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consider two data items 77 W-A PIC 9(3)V99 VALUE 23.75 77 W-B PIC ZZ9V99 VLAUE 123.45 after the statement MOVE W-A TO W-B what will be W-B's value? a.123.75 b.b23.75 (where b indicates space) c.023.75 d.invalid move

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what is the result of the following? DIVIDE A INTO B GIVING C. a.C=A/B b.the reminder of B/A is stored in C c.C=B/A d.the reminder of A/B is stored in C

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which of the following can be used as a check protection symbol a.Z b.S c.* d.+

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what if any ,is the syntex error in the following piece of code 01 B PIC A(7) 02 C PIC 9(4) ........ IF(B NUMERIC) ADD 10 TO C a.the condition in the if statement is wrong b.noting is wrong c.because C is initialised.ADD 10 TO C is wrong d.both B and C shoud have same size.

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TCS COBOL Interview Questions

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