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TCS PHP Interview Questions
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What are the different types of Errors in PHP?

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How can you insert javascript in php code?

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How can we encrypt the username and password using PHP?

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What is the difference between the functions unlink and unset?

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What is meant by content management system?

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Which of the following represents the proper way to set a session variable? Answer: a. $_SESSION['foo'] = 'bar'; b. session_start(); c. session_set_save_handler ('myopen', 'myclose', 'myread', 'mywrite', 'mydelete', 'mygarbage'); d. $foo = $_SESSION['foo']; 2.When administering MySQL, you should make the data directory accessible via the operating system 3.which statement can be used to determine how the optimizer resolves a query

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how to do connectivity of 2 dbs in PHP script?

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How session manage in wordpress

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How will you sened requests from server1 to server2 from server2 to server3 and so on .. w/o letting the output come to the browser or say the client end in php

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How can we do user authentication without using session/cookies ? For ex:- From page1 accepts user name and password and need to check in all other pages whether the user has logged in or not

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1.Where are the sessions storing ? 2.What are the contents of a session file ? 3.If the server is loaded with too many session files there is a possibility of server crash. How can we solve this issue? 4. How does php server identify that the particular session belongs to particular user ? For ex: If two users A and B logged from different machine, separate session files (say 1 and 2) will be created in the server. But how the php knows that 1 belongs to A and 2 belongs to B ?

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1.Where are the cookies storing ? 2.What is the drawback of using cookies ? 3. If two site is having same cookie name and different values what will be the output if we echo the cookie name from those sites ? How can we solve this issue (How can we specify the domain name)?

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1. Write a function to swap two values ? $a = 10; $b = 20; echo $a, $b; swap(); // If u want u can pass parameters echo $a, $b; // It should print 20 , 10

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This question is regarding version control. If two developers are committing the same php file at same time what will happen ? What error it will show (if any) ?

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What is mean by RSS?How can i use this?

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TCS PHP Interview Questions

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