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TCS SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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how to calculate the difference between two date type of variables ?

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Suppose, we are creating one table. at that time we are mention table space and size category. Generally size category is from 0 to 6 is available. suppose if we are declare size category as 0(zero). For 0 (zero) the size of rows is from 0(zero) to 19000. I have 25000 records to insert into table. but table size is declared as 0(zero). i.e 19000 records. what about remaining 6000 records. shall i insert in to table or not? if insert how can i do? if not insert what can i do? Please answer me? i faced this one in TCS interview.

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What is an implementation project?In any job openings they desire people with at least one project with an end to end implementation. Could u give me the details of project implementation and the role of an abapper in the implementation? And what type of questions do the recruiters normally ask for implementation projects? Plz reply me with a suitable answer. Regards, Rahul

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how to send the idoc to multiple sub systems?

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could u plz provide me the details of blue printing? Role of an abapper in implementation project? Details steps of implementation? Regards, Rahul

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what is technical documentation and functional documentation? what are the steps for unit testing?

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How many sessions will be opened using bdc_open_group?

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how many types of windows are there in SMARTFORMS?not in scripts?

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What is the role of an abapper in support project?What is the ticket concept in support project?Who raise the ticket and who resolve it?Let me know the complete procedure?

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If i work in an implementation project will i have to register with SAP?What is the process of blue printing?What is the role of an abapper in implementatin project? Regards,

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I have modified standard sapscript layout set MEDRUCK.But could u tell me the procedure to trigger the layout set for printing. Thanks Rahul

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What is the role of an abapper in developement process? What is the process of technical specification and how it is carried out?

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What is the process of project flow n sap?In context to project flow what are the role of an abapper?

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How to Create an Interactive List based on the selection criteria specified for the customer number for displaying the customer information on the basic list, their corresponding order details on the secondary list. Plz specify the coding details. Regards, Rahul

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How to create Reports with Radio Buttons, which gives sales information, Delivery information and Billing information. plz mention the detail coding Tahnks, Rahul

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TCS SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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