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TCS SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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what is protect and endprotect?

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what is bapi?

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what is bdc?

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Hi All , Would be providing online trainings for SAP ABAP , guidance with real time experience examples , guidance in profile prepartion . Any one intrested please contact on 8978890047.


how to update the filed value in SAP in ZAWSYS and create time and date? please tell me the answer


how you get any scenario say any report or BDC to prepare in your company via email or hardcopy?

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I have multi use BAdi,i implemented 5 time for that want to give sequence for that like First implementation 4 second 3 .. .. So how it is possible?

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Hi, I have 100 records in a table, how to read every 7Th record each in that...

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what is the difference between data: begin of ty_emp, eno type i, ename type string, dno type i, end of ty_emp. and types: begin of ty_emp, eno type i, ename type string, dno type i, end of ty_emp.

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Where the data captured data is stored in ALV Interactive Reports using usercommand?? I_callback_usercommand

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Difference between Drill Down and Interactive Reports, Events triggered in both reports

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How can we create Search Help, without using table field? for example I have two fields in one table and I required one more field in search help how?

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What is the difference between Overloading and Overriding ? Which of them is possible in ABAP ?

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field symbol work as a pointer,but it store address of question is ,it got address from sap memory or abap memory or in database server ? i mean that address indicate to which memory ?

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TCS SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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