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TCS SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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what is use of tcp/ip in real time for abaper??

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Hi i am surya, i have faced this questions plz give me the answer. I have requirement like this, i have two internal tbale like itab and itab1 in itab i have 50 records, in itab1 100 records are there. When execute this question what will be the output a]50 b]100 c]150? And how to join two internal tables what is the syntax for that?

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What is the BAPI to retrieve data for list of customers and thier sales areas i.e., Customer No, Sales Organization, Distribution Channel, and Division. For all the customers.

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how to transfer a specific record of a table from one system( eg:test system) to other system (eg: production system )?

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How to debug an Idoc at runtime?

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A report has statements like: top-of-page. write :/. End-of-page. write:/. But the end-of-page is not displayed ?please verify?

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SmartForm : how to print a smartform layout having one portrait and one landscape?


Smartform : how to print a smartform with portrait style and landscape style at the same time?

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types of smartforms? windows in smartforms?

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what is the table name of stock of material

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how to placed drop down arrow in the input field of module pool table control/ steploop

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What are the errors occurred in a report?

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what is it will work in abap

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What is an index? By default system will create the primary index or User can create,if user How? And also Secondary indexes by User or by defaultly system?

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How many servers present for Database servers,Presentation and Application servers in Landscape? All these servers are present at client side or company side,means where the Database server is Located, where the Application and Presentation servers Located in a Landscape?

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TCS SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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