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TCS SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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we can write the select query or any code after the end of selection

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In the BADI,they are multiple Implementation.Could you please tell is there any procedure which are the implementation will execute and any order is the execute all the implementation for that Badi

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Which and How will you use function module for ALV Interactive report?

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How will you add colour in a row using ALV ?

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What are text elements in smartforms ?

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Q : I want to see material details in secondary list based on material No. from basic list. I will double click on any row, any field of basic list (not on field containing material no.) & the secondary list will display material details according to material No. on that row. Is it possible? If so how?

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after creating lock object if does n't access record by second user what should we do?


Folder types in smatforms?

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How to generate ABAP report ? requirement is like this... current Ratio and quick ratio and return on capital employed and debt equity ratio and employee turn over and gross profit ratio.. can u please prepare some function spec based on this requirement ..... can u send reply asap.

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Can any one tell me the exact difference between BAPI and RFC.

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what is defference between repository and non repository Object?

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why we use pick statement in abap?

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what is defference between breakpoint and watch point?

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what is the impact of issuing of worning message inside the event of start of selection?

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component of message and type of message?

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TCS SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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