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TCS SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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what is the z-transaction?? what's the use of it??

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1/ How do u apprach if error occur in sending idocs ? 2/ where u assigned process code ?


Hiall We can implement n no of implementations for a badi. which badi will be active...

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Steps of creation of IDOC

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Can we develop program without logical database for hr module data retrieval

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What are the FM do we use in OM

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do 4 times. sy-tabix,sy-index. end do. what is the output ?

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can we migrate custom defined smart form into adobe form, if yes what are connecting settings we have to make in adboe form?

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what is difference between (internal table types)standard table and sorted table in sap abap....


explain the script component in script?

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While Transporting Smartform form Dev to Test to Production, it is possible that Name of the Function Module change, Why? In which case it changes and in which case it remains same?

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What is a difference between - RETURN, EXIT, CHECK, STOP & REJECT - To leave the processing blocks

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What is pseudo comment (#EC) and How it is different from normal comments(i.e. '*' and '"')

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How to convert the Unit for 'Distance' (The value from one Unit to another).


If we put Top of Page in between Start-of-selection and End-of-selection and what happenes

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TCS SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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