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TCS Interview Questions
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wt is bulk mod

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i created script for login in QTP,i parametirized that using global sheet,problem i am facing is first i want to login with first values provided in excelsheet and want to perform some operation,second time if call same action it should login with second values in excelsheet

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How we can give authorization on the fields of table control in a dialog-programming?


An inversion is an array of numbers is any pair (i,j) such that iA[j]. What is the average number of inversions in an array of n distinct numbers? plz GIVE ME SOLUTION


Why multiple inheritance is removed in java?

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main() { int arr[5]={23,67}; printf("%d%d%d",arr[2],arr[3],arr[4]); }

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wat is the difference between a definition and declaration? float y;---it looks like a declaration..but it s a explain

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wite a programme in c to linear search a data using flag and without using flags?

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if we know Fault level say 25 KA , How to decide busbar size for Distribution network of 1000 Amp Breaker ? Sample Calculation or Farmula Available or not ?

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printstream class method println() is calling using System class and its static object out .how it is explain any one in detail with example ?

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What is APIPA in DHCP?

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What is the technical flow associated with P2P or Procure to Pay cycle like the tables, APIs, concurrent programs involved in this cycle. Only technical please.


what is meant by frequency ?

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What is Finance Function

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why we use cursor?

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TCS Interview Questions

Un-Answered Questions

How can we activate a gui special function keys as well as a function codes?


how do use session mapping parameters ?(in which transformation)


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Can any1 tell me how to do and Integration test design and test cases for Order Inventory system for use cases. ALso how is that going to differ from System Testing. The system is similar to online ordering system and you can place order by calling customer call center.


What is struts2 framework?


what is saturation kit?which use above 15 kw motors panel side.


List the key features of blockchain?


Define the term "Manufacturer"as introduced in finance act2010.


What are the Examples of MEMS sensor?


How will you create a template page in wordpress?


Define the 8085 instruction format and their classification according to word size?


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