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TCS Interview Questions
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i am sudha..i am preparing for Appsc government polytechnic lecturers..anybody have previous papers pls send to my mail

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which one is best sorting technique and why?

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what if we delete web.config or machine.config? will a website work if we delete webconfig....or if we delete machine config?

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repeater and gridview diff? Why is repeater fast than gridview?

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how to increase performance of web site? if there is a page with high load. the content is high then what should we do to increase performance?

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web farm .. how does session shuld be stored... if inproc used? does the session persists from one server to other.

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what is the clear formula to calculate cable size for a load


How to find in aparticular step how many versions a paricular gdg base have?

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Can anyone explain me the operating principle of the megger tester?( I just know that its diflection relates with the ratio of currents of control & diflecting coil. I need more information as breif as possible)

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What is the Capitalmarket and speech 10 min in capital market? What is Mean by Share,Dividend,mutualfund, detail answer? details of Share market? What is mean by nav & npv over all finance related interview question?

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over all details about tax what is mean by headge fund and detail explanation?


can someone tell me how does preparedstatement works? its an interface and where is the implementation?

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Hi Friends, i have searched in google but not clear. can you give bank example with synchronized keyword


can we use cat command as an editor ..???

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figure of phasor diagram of transformer when full load or no load ?

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TCS Interview Questions

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