what is meant by frequency ?

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what is meant by frequency ?..

Answer / hidayath

Inverse of Time is Frequency.

No.of cycles per second

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what is meant by frequency ?..

Answer / natarajanramkumar

Frequency - It is defined as the number of cycles per
second.In india 50 c/s is common.
Frequency = NP/120
Where N is the speed in r.p.m.and P is no.poles of a

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what is meant by frequency ?..

Answer / prasad

no of cycles per second

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what is meant by frequency ?..

Answer / gourav buldev

it is nothing but the rotation of the turbine in electrical generation 50 Hz supply means that a generator turbine is taking rotation of 50 round per second this system is running in INDIA by following other countries too...

In some countries the speed of turbine is 60 cycles per second then they get 60Hz supply for their grid...


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what is meant by frequency ?..

Answer / priyanka

the number of complete oscillation made by a simple pendulum in one second

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what is meant by frequency ?..

Answer / abdul wajid

Frequency is the no of cycles per second . it is the time
when north and south poles of Generator completes its cycle
in one second

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what is meant by frequency ?..

Answer / raju

no of cycles com in per second is difine as frequency.

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what is meant by frequency ?..

Answer / santhoshkumar

No. Of cycles of the repititive
waveform per second

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what is meant by frequency ?..

Answer / zain

Frequency is the time period for chane one cycle.it is used
in AC current.when one cycle at 90 degree thet will be +
or - in AC current the second cycle of another 90 degree
will be + or - which will complete first 90 degree to 360
degree.this time period to complete one cycle that is 0
degree to 360 degree is known as frequency.The frequency of
AC current in pakistan is 50/60 Hz.

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what is meant by frequency ?..

Answer / saro

It is the no of rotations made per second

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