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TCS Interview Questions
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select sal from emp group by sal

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What are the challenging issues you have faced in implementation project/Maintainance project in .net Functionality? How you have overcome that issue?


counting the no.of characters occurs in a string by using pl/sql function

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how can use the process id in ospf?


Discuss the role of TCP/IP on a data network. Also identify and explain why this is the protocol of choice in networking.

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how do u validate the program which u have written.

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What happen if company were Implemented only FICO module and what is the disadantages?


.net platform independent or dependent?

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what is ment by water cement ratio

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write a program to reverse a every alternetive words in a string in a place. EX: Input is "this is the line of text" Output should be "shit is eht line fo text" Please any one tell me code for that.


How Timer Interrupt program Executed?

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1)How to Duplicate Records Delete in Sequential file?

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what are the ways in which a constructors can be called?

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c++ is a purely oop concept?

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What is the maximum speed of ethernet ?

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TCS Interview Questions

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What does cascading mean?


What is socket address with example?


Can we use distinct and group by together?


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Compare the terms mongodb and couchdb?


What is the drawback of class b amplifier? How is this minimized?


Where can I find ojdbc14 jar file?


What is the difference between captureentirepagescreenshot and capturescreenshot?


Which are default codes winrunner generates when we start the application?


Tell us can I rename the wordpress folder?


what is cab?


what are 5 ways to perform a table lookup in sas? : Sas-administrator


Explain qtp(quick test professional)?


Why do you need session handling while working with selenium?


What are triggers? Why do we use them? Diff types of triggers? What are magic tables?