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TCS Interview Questions
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What is the use of taskbar?

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what is difference between neutral and ground wire?

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What's the differs between voltage & current & emf.

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What is the similarities between Web Testing and Mobile testing?


What is the difference between Test case and test scenario? which is the best one you preferred?

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Which modulation is good for Radio Broadcasting. AM(Amplitude Modulation) or FM(Frequency Modulation)?

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how to know whether a user in sap system is DIALOG or SERVICE user?

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how to insert the data in pf by using cl program

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tell me about favourie colour?

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how many ht 11 kv cable size for 11kv 2000 kva 11kv*433v transformer ?

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for assembly supported beam main bar are provided at ?

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What are the test cases for booking one ticket for same movie, for same time but many users.


i am getting the error while compiling my cics program with including db2 dclgen member it is showing that ur dclgen member not including and all the host variables are undeclared


why we dont store the ac power in battery?

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assume ther are 5000 records in a database and want to fetch using cursor. cursor fetches only 3000 records and fetch is not happening for remaining 2000 records. why it happens and how to rectify it

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TCS Interview Questions

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