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TCS C Interview Questions
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what does ‘#include’ mean?

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write a “Hello World” program in “c” without using a semicolon?

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differentiate between const char *a; char *const a; and char const *a;

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What is meaning of "Void main" in C Language.

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write a c program to find biggest of 3 number without relational operator?

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what is available in C language but not in C++?

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What is volatile in c language?

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wt is d full form of c

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Write c-code for 5+55+555+5555+55555+555555+5555555. Output will be it's answer...

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Write a c pgm for leap year

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I want tcs placement papers of 2004-2009 , its urgent

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second highest number in a given set of numbers

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what is the structure?

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25. It takes five minutes to pass a rumour from one person to two other persons. The tree of rumour continues. Find how many minutes does it take spread the rumour to 768 persons. ?

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Write a progarm to find the length of string using switch case?


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TCS C Interview Questions

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