What is the difference between char a[] = "string"; and
char *p = "string"; ?

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Answer / srinivas

a is a const pointer, whereas p is not
meaning 'a' will point to a fixed location (value of 'a' or
address of *a can't change, remains fixed) - though
contents of a can be changed (by way of accessing a[i])

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Answer / singamsa

we can not access a++ or a-- on array but we can do that in

array, address is constanct for that string, pointer is not
like that

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Answer / praveenkumar managuli

char s[]; this allocate memory equal tosize of string
and char *s; holds the address of first charecter

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Answer / abc

we cannot assign a string to another but we can assign a
char pointer to another char pointer.

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Answer / karuna

a[] is a constant pointer to a string;

char *p is a pointer to a constant string;

In a[] address of a[] cant be change but string can be

In char *p address can be change string cant be change

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Answer / kurvatis

When a program starts its content copies from external
memory like a hard drive to a PROTECTED from writes part of
RAM. No any byte in that area can be changed!

Now the difference.
char * p = "this string is in protected memory and cannot be
You cannot change the string located in protected memory a
pointer points to.

char a[] = "this string is in memory that can be changed";

Theoretically char * p = "string"; eat less memory than
another one.

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Answer / ashwin kumar

just one word i can say that
a[] is static memory allocation ( we cant increase size of
array while execution of program )
*p is a dynamic memory allocation ( where we can use
according to our requirement while execution )

their may be a waste age of memory and also their may be
limitaion of elements in array.

memory will not be wasted and size depends up on our
require ment in pointes

i hope its may be one of the defferance

if thier is any feed back or my answer is wrong plz write
to molugu.aswin@gmail.com

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Answer / ashok

Pointers are fine a cannot be changed p can be changed.

I have a doubt like is there any difference in memory

I heard like a gets its memory in local stack and p gets in
data section.

I don get the clear explanation

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Answer / mak

in case of array size of it become fixed after initialization,
so a string of length greater than the size of previous string can't be assigned to array.
on the other hand pointer can take variable size string as it stores only the first address.

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Answer / dharanidhar

P is a pointer which is constant. So, the values in this
array cannot be modified.

characters within a[] can be changed by accessing
like a[1] = '2',....

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