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TCS C Interview Questions
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how can write all 1to 100 prime numbers using for loop,if and break ?

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matrix multiplication fails introspect the causes for its failure and write down the possible reasons for its failurein c language.

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to write a program, that finds the minimum total number of shelves, including the initial one, required for this loading process. The packets are named A, B, C, D, E …….. Any numbers of packets with these names could be kept in the shelf, as in this example: [ZZLLAAJKRDFDDUUGGYFYYKK]. All packets are to be loaded on cars. The cars are lined in order, so that the packets could be loaded on them. The cars are also named [A, B, C, D, E,………….].

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Sir i need notes for structure,functions,pointers in c language can you help me please


Q.1 write aprogram to stack using linklist o insert 40 items? Q.2 write a program to implement circular queue with help of linklist?


write a c program to find reminder and quotient if one number is divided by code this program don't use more than 2 variables

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write a program that declares an array of 30 elements named "income" in the main functions. then cal and pass the array to a programmer-defined function named "getIncome" within the "getIncome" function, ask the user for annual income of 30 employees. then calculate and print total income on the screen using the following function: "void getIncome ( ai []);


How Many Header Files in c?

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why we use "include" word before calling the header file. is there any special name for that include??????

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while running a program, i got the msg that press return key to exit.what that mean in C as there are no such options as far i know.

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write a program without using main function?

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main() { int i = 10; printf(" %d %d %d \n", ++i, i++, ++i); }

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design and implement a data structure and performs the following operation with the help of file (included 1000 student marks in 5 sub. and %also) many students are fail in all 5 subjects (if >35) 2. delete all student data those are fail in all 5 subjects. 3. update the grace marks (5 no. if exam paper is 100 marks) 4. arrange the student data in ascending order basis of marks. 5.insert double of deleted students with marks in the list.


int a=0,b=2; if (a=0) b=0; else b=*10; What is the value of b ?

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#include #include void main() { float a; clrscr(); a=0.5; if(a==0.5) printf("yes"); else printf("no"); getch(); }

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TCS C Interview Questions

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