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TCS Informatica Interview Questions
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How to Explain My project flow,In TCS ased me this question. In which way i can start my project flow and they asked how many fact tables and dimensional tables u used. Can any one Explain Briefly for this question and project architecture also.. please..

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Briefly explain your complete project(sales) flow, (ie. from source received from client, transformations, then despatch to end user) what are all the process. Kindly give step by step process.


Plz can any one say me how to get the informatica certification materials and dumps


how to get the data from the client machine and how to get server location data to client loction can any body explain to me

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i have a data in my source as a flat files what test i have to perform the next step can any body help to me


What are the different types of code pages available in informatica & how to implement it in your project?

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What is the difference between unicode & ascii mode data movement in informatica?

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What is CDC? How to implement CDC?

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Tell me about informatica architecture.

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Hi experts, > I 'm having data like this and it's in flat file. > sno,name,marks,result > 1, ak, 80,p > 2, , ,20,f > 3,jack,55,p > > now in the second row a comma(,) is placed instead of name(char). > > when importing into SQ , in flat file wizard the num of columns increased to 5 instead of 4. > > could you tell me how to over come this issue.........

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what r d pre-requiste for update strategy transformation, and differnce between delete n truncate in target session properties for update strategy

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explain different levels in pushdown optimization with example?

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waht type of interface is used for testing the data in informatica


what is the difference between informatica6.1 and infomatica7.1


How You Pull the records on daily basis into your ETL Server.

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TCS Informatica Interview Questions

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