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TCS Informatica Interview Questions
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tell me some dimension tables names in banking domain informatica project(dont tell like depends on project, tell me names of dimension and fact table names in your project)?

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1,If there are 3 workflows are running and if 1st workflow fails then how could we start 2nd workflow or if 2nd workflow fails how could we start 3rd workflow?

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2,can we insert duplicate data with dynamic look up cache,if yes than why and if no why?

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3,if our source containing 1 terabyte data so while loading data into target what are the thing we keep in mind?

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split two strings into two columns For Eg. Source:-Full Name: Shiva Kumar Target:- First Name:Shiva Last Name:Kumar

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-Which expression we can not use in Maplets?, -Can we join(relate) two dimensions in a schema? -Why and where we use 'sorted input' option?

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What are steps to follow Informatica migration from 7x to 8x? Pls Explain...

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What are the issues you have faced in your project? How did you overcome those issues?


What are the challenges you have faced in your Project (DWH- ETL)? Explain with example?


i have 1000 record flat file source i want 1st row to 1st target, 2nd row to 2nd target, 3rd row to 3rd target how will u do? Without using Mod Function? Explain....

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Source-1 No name 1 satish 2 karthik 3 swathi 4 keerthi Source-2 No name 1 satish 2 karthik 5 santhose 6 vasu Target 3 swathi 4 keerthi 5 santhose 6 vasu here i want non matching Records i want how to achieve that

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wf dont have integration severances how you can run?


we have 20 records in source system, when we run for the 1st time, it should load only 10 records into the target, when you run for the second time it should load another 10 record which are not loaded. How do we do that? Can we write a SQL query in source qualifier to do it. This q' is asked in one f the interviews. Please let me know if anyone knows. Thanks

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Can we use Lookup instead of Joiner to join 2 tables? If yes which is faster and why?

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TCS Informatica Interview Questions

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6.NEED OF ONGOING MANAGEMENT CYCLE( Case Study ) Sidney Greenburg was appointed the position of the director of marketing for a small electronics component manufacturer. The company had its revenues growing at the rate of 20% each year and in 1982, they were at 30 million level The president felt that the growth of the company required serious planning efforts to determining strategies product emphasis and new product development. Mr. Greenburg realising the need to develop the marketing plan developed a suggested format to obtain inputs from his regional sales managers. The format to obtain divided into two parts (a) territory brief for established status of sales activities and (b) territory plan asked for identification of key goals, strategy & resources required to accomplish stated goals. Sales forecast by products was requested for 3 plan Yrs. Tom Rosenfield was the marketing manager for Europe He was previously in the engineering department & was assigned to Europe because of his technical& Foreign language capabilities. He replied to Mr.Greenburg as follows: “While I will complete the forms on the country brief& country plan promptly I have some conceptual problems with them time& time again we have been requested for projected figures I remember putting together a presentation for the Executive Vice-President (VP) & Treasurer last year. Great we educated those guys but what are the results of such formality? The projections have not yielded specific results, resources are used at a minimal level & we are not generating needed sales. So it is my contention that while goals projections& forecasts provide immeasurable guidance for a company with stable sales & developed product lines, for us a fledglings (young) industry, they distract from the job at hand. My plan has always been to hit the market- as hard I am able & I believe this should hold true for all other regional managers. We have large amounts of resources held up in ineffective’ marketing planning efforts such as these need to redirect these efforts to self rather than compile data. We need more people beating the pavement (action) rater than sitting on their desks developing plans& strategies (contemplation) Sell, sell, sell. Get the backing as big as possible. Planning is wasteful. Let us concentrate on aggressive sales & optimize sales volume at any cost. A. What has Mr.Greenburg not done to accomplish his planning tasks? B. Is Mr.Rosenfield right in making his comments in response to Mr. Greenburg’s request? C. Is Mr. Rosenfleld performing his management function. D. What would you do if you were Mr.Rosenfleld’s boss?


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