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TCS Informatica Interview Questions
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What is workflow variable? When we use workflow variable? Can any one explain me with one example???

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Can we create out put ports in source qualifier t/r?

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What is the difference between Bulk Load and Normal Load

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Difference Between ETL & ELT?

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How we will implement Pushdown Optimization and Types in Informatica with better examples

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expain about the tune parameters?


After a load is done to my target table, I need to insert a last row, which might be formed at some expression transformation and brought to target. Do I have to have separate mapping to be run after the 1st mapping? Or in a single mapping how to achieve this?

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In Joiner Transformation, how to identify the master and detail tables if one is from Oracle and the other is from Sybase.

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what kind of issue you will get in environment? (we ll call help desk to raise ticket rite?


Which version configuration tool used in ur project?


how you will maintain version?

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what are 3 tech challenges/ common issues you face?


have u done any performance tuning? how u ll do?


how to send unique records to one target and duplicate records to another target by using dynamic lookup cache????? please explain me briefly///(when we use this we look up on which target unique target ya duplicate target)

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In incremental loading using Mapping variable if session failed with any of reason in the middle of process. is the Mapping variable remains constant or change?

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TCS Informatica Interview Questions

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