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TCS Informatica Interview Questions
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Can we change Dynamic to Static or Persistent cache? If so what happens?


What is Java Transformation? what are the uses of it?


Create a mapping which contains 2 target tables. When the session runs for the first time it shud load Target table 1 and when it runs for second time it shud load Target table 2.

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Can we update a target table (without primarykey) by using update strategy transformation?

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What is the main purpose of Unconnected lookup other than updating slowly changing dimensions? or In which case u use Unconnected lookup?

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Aggregator transformation is having fields say a,b,c,d,e group by is enabled on a,b,c with sorted input,How the aggregator transformation process the i/p data?or in which way i/p comes to agg transformation

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Which one is better performance wise connected/un-connected lkp?why?

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One of the optimizing technique to improve the session performance is push down optimization,by using push down optimization we push as much as transformation logic to source/target database,but this degrades the d/b performance,how to overcome this?


why we are using level option in normalizer transformation


following source name gender ramya female ram male deesha female david male kumar male i want the target male female ram ramya david deesha kumar any body give solution above question?

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difference between informatica 8.1.1 and 8.6? And different betweeninformatica 7x and 8x?

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how the informatica server sorts the strings values in rank transformations?

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can you use flat file for repository?why?

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source table A having 100000 records. and target B table having 100000 records. now iam updating B records using update query. i don't know which record is update in target. write a sql query get all updated records from target table B.

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When will u go for Dynamic Cache and Persistent Cache? Pls explain with an example?

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TCS Informatica Interview Questions

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