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TCS Informatica Interview Questions
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Hi experts, table 1 has 10 records, table 2 has 5 records select * from table1, table2; What is the output for this query???....plz answer

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i have a source table ID NAME SAL 101 A 1000 102 B 2000 103 C 1500 target load should be ID NAME SAL 101 A 1000 101 B 2000 101 C 1500 102 A 1000 102 B 2000 102 C 1500 103 A 1000 103 B 2000 103 C 1500

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Hi experts ,I have a Source of 1000 records.I have to load 100 records in first target,101 to 200 records in 2nd target, 201 to 300 records in 3rd target and again 301 to 400 in first target like that as cyclick process. How can i acheive this.

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following source name gender ramya female ram male deesha female david male kumar male i want the target male female ram ramya david deesha kumar any body give solution above question?

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checkout and checkin in informatica 8.6

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How to load the data into target table, which not have Primary/Surrogate key (Duplicate records not acceptable)

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How to Join Tables my Source is having 15 table target is one?

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If my source is having 30 million records, so obviously the cache could not be allocated with sufficient memory. What needs to be done in this case?

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Can we use unconnected lookup as dynamic lookup?

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how did u understand business requirement?

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What is the difference between writing a joiner query in ANSI style and THETA style?


can we use mapplet as starting n ending object in mapping

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If i have source as flat file. how can i store the header and trilor into one target and data into one more target. |------>target1(header+trailor) source------ |------>target2(data) can any one please help me


My source table look like ID Name Location Salary 0000001 ran tpty 1000 0000002 ram DELHI 2000 hju-hji raj hyd 1000 my target table should be ID Name Location Salary 1 ran tpty 1000 2 ram DELHI 2000 hju-hji raj hyd 1000

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I have a source either file or db table Eno ename sal dept 101 sri 100 1 102 seeta 200 2 103 lax 300 3 104 ravam 76 1 105 soorp 120 2 Want to run a session 3 times. First time: it should populate dept 1 Second time: dept 2 only Third time: dept 3 only How can we do this?

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TCS Informatica Interview Questions

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