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TCS Informatica Interview Questions
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i have flat file it contains 'n' number of records, i need to send half of the records to one target table and Remaining half to another target table. can any tell me procedure.

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i have flat file it contains 'n' number of records, i need to send half of the records to one target table and Remaining half to another target table: pls full details

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explain abt ur project architecture?


how many ways can we implement SCD2?

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I have a scenario like - how can i load 1st record to Trgt1,2nd->Trgt2, 3rd->Trgt3 and again the cycle has to repeat with loading 4th->Trgt1,5th->Trgt2,6th->Trgt3?

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What is the difference between a router and a filter transformation?

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lookup transformation with screenshots


If i have one source having 10 ports.In a mapping i use that source one target having that ten ports.Data from 5 ports are going to target through a mapplet and another 5 ports are going to target through another mapplet.Both 2 mapplets are intially passive in nature.But presently my requirment to convert on mapplet to ACtive.How can i do it.

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Which will beter perform IIf or decode?

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there is a comma separated flat file as source and there is a column in that one field is having space like "rama krishna" like that what happens when this is used as source

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can u explain me banking domain projects ? and in banking domain projects how many dimension tables and how many fact tables and how to load source and targets in mapping level plese expain give me one example?

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Suppose i have 10000 records.First time i have to load 1 to 1000 records and second run i have load 1000 to 2000 records and third load i have to load 2000 to 3000 rows .How will achieve

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how to import multiple flat files in to single target where there is no common column in the flat files

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what is difference between mapping and mapplet ?

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What is confirmed fact in dataware housing?

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TCS Informatica Interview Questions

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