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TCS C Interview Questions
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what is the other ways to find a logic to print whether a number is an even or odd wit out using % symbol??????? i know three different ways to print it. so i need any other different logic>>>>>

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to find out the reverse digit of a given number

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print ur name without using any semicolon in c/c++....

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What is the difference between big endian form and little endian form? write a code to convert big endian form to little endian and vice versa..

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write an interactive program to generate the divisors of a given integer.

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Write a Program to print this triangle: * ** * **** * ****** * ******** * ********** use two nested loops.

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why r u join this company? give solid resons.

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what is pointer

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What is the difference between constant pointer and pointer to a constant. Give examples.

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Convert a distance from miles to kilometers .there are 5280 feets per mile,12 inches per foot .2.54 centimeters per inch and 100000centimeters per kilometer


3.write a simple program that will output your name,phone number,e-mail address,and academic major on separate lines 1.create an account and a personal directory for your work b.find out how to create a subdirectory on your system.create one called info will use a text editor to type in your programs and data files.some C systems have a built in text editor;others do not.Find out what text editor you will be using and how to access it.create a text file(not a program) containing your name ,address,and telephone number on separate lines.Next,write the brand of computer you are using and the name of the text editor.Then write a paragraph that describes your past experience with this file in your info directory. d. find out how to print a file on your system .print out and turn in the file you created in (c).


main() { int arr[5]={23,67}; printf("%d%d%d",arr[2],arr[3],arr[4]); }

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main() {int a=200*200/100; printf("%d",a); }

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can we print any string without using terminator?

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wat is the difference between a definition and declaration? float y;---it looks like a declaration..but it s a explain

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TCS C Interview Questions

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