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can we print any string without using terminator?

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can we print any string without using terminator?..

Answer / yogesh bansal

Yes, We can print the string without using the terminator.

like this

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
if(printf("this is yogesh"))
printf("then you must be good boy");
return 0;

Its a working example. when the control comes to if()
statement. first it will execute the printf statement inside
if() and the printf function will return number of character
printed which is an integer value and if() is true for any
value greater than 0. so it will go inside and execute the
rest of the code.

Hope the explanation is clear to you.

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can we print any string without using terminator?..

Answer / ashutosh

the format should b like this

void main()
if(printf("i luv u deepa")

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