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TCS Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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electric shock is due to current r voltage.?

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what is solkor relay and which condition it will act?


what is the difference between electrical and electronic choke?


what is the current law ?

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What happen to generator if i have unbalanced load?


what is the difference between kva and kw ?

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What is SMPS,How does it works?

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sir i am pradeep singh from electrical branch and i want to place in software industry(tcs)but i dont know much about programmig languages like c how can i get a placement in software industry?

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what is a kit kat fuse?

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why all selected supply voltages are multiple of 11.i.e440,11 kv,33 kv,66 kv,110 kv etc

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in a plug point why the hole size at the top is large?

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In transformer which temp should be less oil temp are winding temp?

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why do we use UPF watt meter in short circuit test of the transformer and LPF watt meter in open circuit test of the transformer

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What is frequency?

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why only dc is given as excitation...why not ac???

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TCS Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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