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TCS Business Objects Interview Questions
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what is difference between Rich client web intelligence and Boxir2 web intelligence

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I have very Latest Business Objects-XI Certification Dumps for all the Codes, If anyone need, mail at: AJITH.BOXI@GMAIL.COM

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Can any please explain FOR EACH AND FOR ALL?

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if i hv 2 reports in one block... first report contains ten rows and second report contains 100 rows. my question is ....if i want to enter the values into first report(i want more than ten rows in first report) it possible to get ..

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what is BIAR file in business objects xi r2

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how to prepare the documentation in business objects and where to get the requirement?


how can we join two classes with full outer join dialog box only one outer join check box is checked another on e gone .for this any property is there in universe designer?

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what is the difference between Ranking and sort-out in bo?

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. In production reports, some dimensions are missing. how do you load these dimensions in production

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What is Indexing? how did u implement indexing?


What is #DATASYNC error how to remove it?

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Can anybody explain what mean by Database Delegated Measures?

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What is meant by multiple data provider.How to use it in universe as well as reporting environment?

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What is meant by data federator and what is the use of it?

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What is the error that occurs while detecting the cardinalities in the universe pane if we create a join between the normal table and the aggregate table...

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TCS Business Objects Interview Questions

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