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TCS Business Objects Interview Questions
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What is Complex Reports?

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how to connect the hyperlink in webi reports?

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what is the use of merge option in webi reports? explain with example?

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how to connect one to one report? Explain with example?

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any of the person working on encyclopedia? give the explanation briefly?

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without creating the business view is there possible to create & generate the Crystal reports?

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is it possible to export the webi reports to crystal reports?with out using businessview?


how to hide the prompts?

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what r the main topics to prepare for the crystal reports? could any on help me? i want to preparing for the interviews? and also send any pdf file?

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Explain about MTD(Month To Date) and YTD(Year To Date) with one example and where you use this in your project?

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Difference between Decode and Case?

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Difference between Decode and Case?

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Then how to select the source by using webi or deski reports into crystal reports? i think main source is Businessview. where u import the datasource ?


Difference between drill by and drill across with example?

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bo 6.5 is a 3 tier architecture. Tell me the names of the tiers?

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TCS Business Objects Interview Questions

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